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How soon do I have to book my celebrant?


For a wedding, the Marriage Act requires a Notice of Intention to Marry to be lodged with the celebrant no less than one month prior to the ceremony. There are specific exceptions to this where an application for a shortening of time can be made. Contact me urgently if this applies. Otherwise I love to have plenty of notice for all ceremonies so that I can devote plenty of time to prepare the best ceremony
I can for you.


How much input can I have to the ceremony?


I love helping you to get the ceremony you want and have lots of resources for you to check out. I always have you approve the final wording and am happy to incorporate any of your ideas. There are some great inclusions you may like to consider, check out my ideas.


Why a celebrant and not a registry office for my wedding?


Registry weddings are designed to last less than ten minutes, contain standard legal wording only, limit to six the number of people you can have attending and cost just over $500. In contrast I can  conduct a short intimate ceremony for you where you can have a meaningful and personal ceremony wherever you want, maybe even your place or mine by arrangement. This is particularly special for those eloping.


How much does it cost for a ceremony?


A celebrant wedding allows you full input over the design, content and location of your celebration whilst secure in the knowledge that all legal requirements will be met. In addition as a professional celebrant I will provide you with unlimited contact, a rehearsal, resources and my experience so that you will receive a ceremony that is totally unique for you. See my Service Guarantee here. You can expect the cost to start around $550 depending on travel, inclusions etc. Other ceremonies (such as naming ceremonies) start at $250 depending on your requirements. Contact me today for an individual quote.


Can my dog be in the wedding ceremony?


There are a number of ways you can have your treasured pooch celebrate with you.
Have a look at my tips here.


How can I make my Ceremony different ?


There are a number of ways you can do this check out some ideas for weddings and namings.


Do you have any tips to ensure things go well?


Whilst you always dream of a perfect day, reality shows us that there is always a chance for a hiccup. Mostly these are easily overcome and provided you have worked closely with your celebrant and other providers, you should have a pretty close to perfect day. Check out my helpful hints.


Any other questions?


Feel free to contact me by phone or email if I can help you with any other queries.

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