Handy Hints for Ceremonies


These are a few suggestions you might find useful, I have a more comprehensive list which I will provide to you that is more specific to your type of ceremony.

Hope you find them helpful!



If you have a professional engaged they should know what they are doing. But either way, ensure you have a firm list of the photos/group shots you want to capture and make sure a trusted guest or your photographer knows this.



Make sure you are specific about the location of your ceremony, especially if it’s outdoors. A map might be worth including and or exact directions (e.g. large white rotunda opposite the wharf in case there are a few rotundas, or first tree after the carpark). Suggesting car parking spots can also assist guests if they don’t know the location. Invite guests at least 15 minutes prior to when you want to commence your ceremony.


Babies and young children

It is always great to have these little people at a celebration and managing their attendance doesn’t have to be difficult. Babies often need a pacifier or even a small feed so make sure you bring a bottle for them just in case. Young children can be easily distracted so it’s fine to have a small toy, book or colouring activity for them. Hand held games are not recommended due to their noise. The main thing is to relax and don’t get frustrated if children don’t do exactly what they are meant to, it’s often one of the things that can be laughed at and remembered fondly years later.


Plan B

Whilst we all wish we could control the weather, reality is that it doesn’t always cooperate. Make sure you have an alternative location just in case and have a firm plan as to when you will make a decision to change the venue and how you will communicate that to the professionals involved and your guests. I always think that because I have worked with you and we have an awesome ceremony, a venue change will not detract from the outcome. Again, it’s often a great story for your children and grandchildren


Outdoor Location

Always be sure that you research any necessary approvals, fees etc for the location you are holding your outdoor ceremony. It is usually the local council that you will need to contact. In addition, check with them and perhaps even google the date to make sure you won’t be surrounded by a fun run or festival on the same day. Could be challenging and best not to have any surprises.


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