Naming Ceremony Add-ons


Here's a list of some lovely add-on options we could consider for your naming ceremony.


Plant – a potted plant can be brought to the ceremony and guests take a pebble make a wish and place it around the base.


Glass bowl – pebbles or coloured stones can be placed into a decorative bowl or jar by guests as they make a wish for the baby.


Candle – various scenarios can be introduced to allow grandparents representing the two families or godparents representing their commitment to light the child’s naming candle.


Reading – many ideas representing family members, parents etc can be read as well as words for the child.


Guest book or blank photo frame – nice to have on hand for guests to sign and or give a wish.


Balloon wishes – paper wishes can be put into balloons and let fly at the end of the ceremony.


Guest wishes – provide pen and paper for guests to write a message or wish to child and these can be placed in a memory box or sealed in a time capsule for opening on a significant birthday .


Jewellery  a special item can be presented to the child during the ceremony.


Significant clothing or other item – child can wear something handed down within the family and special mention can be made during ceremony.


Quilt – small squares of calico can be given to guests for wishes to be written then they can be sewn together to make a special doona or quilt.


Butterflies, doves release – this can add a wow factor at the end of the ceremony.

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