Tips for Involving Pets


We know you love your dog, but are they really the right temperament to handle the excitement and the crowds? Be sure, as you might end up stressing them and you. If you decide to involve your dog make sure it’s okay with the venue or park.


You are getting pampered make sure they are too and they look (and smell) their best! Your dog’s accessories need not be a full outfit. A nice bowtie, floral necklace or beaded collar can look just as stunning as a full costume—less is sometimes more!


Have a trusted friend who knows your dog well to take responsibility for them so that you can relax and pooch can be kept happy.

Have a pooch pack with their favourite snacks/toys/blanket and water and bowl. You should also have a doggie poo bag as a courtesy.


Have a few run throughs with your dog if they are actively involved, for example, walking up the aisle with the rings or wearing a sign with ‘here comes the bride’ etc. Walk them on a leash with the props so they are comfy and well-rehearsed. You may just like to have them at the Ceremony with the guests but available for photos after the Ceremony, that way they and you don't miss out!


You can still include your best friend even if they are not present.

  • A cute save the date photo with a message from your pooch “my mum and dad are getting hitched” is a nice idea.

  • A framed photo with you both on display.

  • A cake topper.

  • A thankyou photo or a table number photo.

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