Rites of  Passage


Significant moments in our lives or Rites of Passage can include occasions such as:


  • coming of age

  • a big 'O' birthday moment

  • leaving or returning home

  • graduation

  • special anniversaries

  • a new home.


These are all times when we can pause and reflect on the special meaning these events have for us and our families. Adding a small ceremony to these celebrations can help to focus our attention on the place this moment has for us. It allows us to mark the occasion and stamp it in the rich history of our lives.


There are many opportunities open to you for celebrating which can be unique to you and your family whereby family history and culture can be acknowledged and old and new traditions can be celebrated and created.


Prefer to take the reins yourself? I can create a ceremony for you to deliver, if you so desire. Contact me to discuss your ideas.

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